Who Controls the Media?

Operation Mockingbird By Alex ConstantineWho Controls the Media?Full article here

Operation Mockingbird
By Alex Constantine

Who Controls the Media?

Soulless corporations do, of course. Corporations
with grinning, double-breasted executives,
interlocking directorates, labor squabbles and
flying capital. Dow. General Electric. Coca-Cola.
Disney. Newspapers should have mastheads that
mirror the world: The Westinghouse Evening
Scimitar, The Atlantic-Richfield Intelligentser.
It is beginning to dawn on a growing number of
armchair ombudsmen that the public print reports
news from a parallel universe – one that has never
heard of politically-motivated assassinations,
CIA-Mafia banking thefts, mind control, death
squads or even federal agencies with secret budgets
fattened by cocaine sales – a place overrun by lone
gunmen, where the CIA and Mafia are usually on
their best behavior. In this idyllic land, the most
serious infraction an official can commit–is a
the employment of a domestic servant with (shudder)
no residency status.

This unlikely land of enchantment is the creation

It was conceived in the late 1940s, the most frigid
period of the cold war, when the CIA began a
systematic infiltration of the corporate media, a
process that often included direct takeover of
major news outlets.

In this period, the American intelligence services
competed with communist activists abroad to
influence European labor unions. With or without
the cooperation of local governments, Frank Wisner,
an undercover State Department official assigned to
the Foreign Service, rounded up students abroad to
enter the cold war underground of covert operations
on behalf of his Office of Policy Coordination.


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