ultimate truth about the human animal


It is very much like the method used by the Eskimos to kill a wolf. The Eskimo’s take a very sharp knife and dip it into a bucket of blood. They take it out and allow it to freeze to the blade. This process is repeated numerous times until the blade is surrounded by a block of frozen blood. Then, they bury the knife in the snow with the blade up and the block of blood exposed to tempt the wolf. Upon catching the scent of the blood the wolf quickly makes his way over and begins licking the block. The more the wolf licks the bloody block the more blood is yielded and eventually the wolf becomes so ravenous in his blood lust that it doesn’t realize that it’s own tongue has been slashed off and it is gorging on it’s own blood. Soon the wolf dies of shock and blood loss gorged mostly on it’s own blood.


A Basic Instinct For Sigmund Freud

(1856-1939), pleasure was a basic instinct, initially taking the form of sexual gratification or libido. Since full pursuit of the “pleasure principle” appears incompatible with civilized order, the drive of pleasure is either thwarted (causing neurosis) or sublimated into art, religion, work and other creative or productive activity. Thus Freud, and by extension modern values, in many respects reversed the priorities of earlier theologians and philosophers. They saw happiness, based on higher values, as the experience of truth, and hedonism as a kind of illusion, or at least less valuable. Freud, by contrast, saw the drive for sensory and sexual gratification as the ultimate truth about the human animal.
These views have become pervasive in modern literature, psychology, academia and even politics. These peddlers of perversion (past and present) are using the Pleasure Principle, a powerful and destructive principle virtually unknown in full by the layman to subvert the hearts and minds of our populace. To most of the uninformed it sounds avant garde, and even chic. It is anything but avant garde or chic, it is fiendish and extremely manipulative.
Most Americans (and westerners) have been seduced by it’s powerful allure without any general awareness. Surely you have noticed the glorification of casual sex, materialism, violence, alcohol, drugs, and ignorance in movies, on television, in today’s “music” and advertisements. These are the signs of the Pleasure Principle at work in a self centered culture.

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