Al-Qaeda: Sort of Like the Energizer Bunny

from Another Day in the Empire by kurt

For those of you slipping back into normalcy, no longer particularly bothered by “al-Qaeda” or the interminable GWOT, along comes another White House report on national security. “We also must never lose sight of al-Qaeda’s persistent desire for weapons of mass destruction, as the group continues to try to acquire and use chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear material,” the neocons claim, hardly coincidentally at the same time they have “called anew on the Democratic-led Congress to expand the power of US intelligence agencies to eavesdrop on suspected terrorists ‘while protecting the civil liberties of Americans,” that last part added as an obligatory calmative, as anybody even halfway acquainted with the Bill of Rights understands full well that eavesdropping, especially in high-tech NSA vacuum cleaner fashion, is a full court press against the Constitution.



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