The Four Horsemen of the Truth Apocalypse

The Four Horsemen of the Truth Apocalypse by Jeremy BeginThe 9/11 Truth Movement may well be the greatest threat that the Neo-Fascist Establishment has ever seen, and as a result we have been the target of an array of underhanded attacks and dirty tricks. As the movement works to educate and mobilize the general populace, we must be vigilant of the means used against us and be sure that our own actions do not unwittingly aid the enemies of humanity. Out of the wide variety of hindrances to our work, I have distilled four major areas of concern.


The essence of propaganda is emotional manipulation. Obviously this worked quite well for the Bush Administration in drumming up initial support for war with dire warnings of nuclear annihilation and foreign bogeymen. Neocon shills continue to resort to emotional diatribes to avoid answering pertinent questions about 9/11, calling us unpatriotic, saying that we dishonor the dead, and bringing out the magically pejorative phrase “conspiracy theorists” as if that ends the debate.

This much we all know, but what often goes unexamined is the relationship between our own words and actions and the people’s emotional reaction to our movement. The facts may be on our side, but we have to win over the minds and the hearts of the populace. This isn’t to say that we should go for the same cheap manipulations used by our enemies, but we must be careful not to shoot ourselves in the foot by turning people against us from the outset. It’s hard enough for people to come to grips with the dark reality revealed by 9/11 Truth without us calling the uninformed “sheeple”, without demagoguery from prominent spokespeople, without us spouting militaristic rhetoric, without us choosing 24/7 fashion styles which seem either threatening or silly to Middle America. It’s easy to be angry at those we might see as part of the problem, it’s easy to want to set ourselves above or apart, it’s easy to get carried away with hardcore, gung-ho sentiments. But our best weapons right now are patient communication and compassion, and we forget that at our own peril.


While propaganda is manipulation on an emotional level, disinformation is manipulation on a rational level. It is the deliberate dissemination of false information and also includes the distortion of true information in such a way as to render it useless. When outright censorship is untenable, for example, disinformation helps to hide real information by lowering the signal-to-noise ratio or muddying the waters. This must be distinguished from misinformation, which is when someone propagates claims which they don’t realize are false. An important thing to realize here is that unless we see the CIA handing someone a paycheck, it is more or less impossible for us to distinguish between disinfo agents and those who are merely uninformed or are lacking in critical reasoning skills. Accusing anyone of being a disinfo agent is therefore not helpful (see Disruption below).

The battle against 9/11 myths is one with two fronts. On the one hand, there is obviously the false official story, but on the other there is false information from people claiming to want to expose the cover-up. This false information must be battled as rigorously as the official story, because it has a number of deleterious effects on our work. False attacks on the official story provide easy strawmen for debunkers to knock down, allowing them to discredit the movement as a whole. False attacks confuse newcomers to 9/11 Truth, and in many cases drive them away because they offend their reason (various sci-fi scenarios) or their decency (claims like “the Jews did it”). Aside from poisoning the well from which the curious may wish to drink, false attacks on the official story take away from every other truth activist’s real efforts to expose the fraud. When we have to spend time refuting nonsense from people purporting to be on our side, we have less time to bring real evidence to the attention of the public.


Just as with Falsehood, it generally cannot be determined if someone is being paid to disrupt the 9/11 Truth Movement, or if they’re just immature. There are several forms of disruption beyond spreading falsehoods, but they should be treated the same way- by denouncing them without making libelous accusations and moving on to the real work. The reason for this is that accusing someone of being a paid disruptor is one of the main forms of disruption, known as snitch-jacketing. People who make a regular habit of slinging accusations like “traitor” and “disinfo agent” are not to be trusted or associated with. This sort of behavior only sows distrust and disunity and distracts us from the real enemies, the perpetrators of 9/11.

Provocateurs are people who try to incite violent or offensive behavior in order to make the rest of us look bad. Typically this will come from people claiming to be part of the movement, but also be aware of “Protest Warriors”- typically young Neocon thugs who go to anti-fascist demonstrations and try to goad protesters into starting physical fights with them. Keep your cool. Don’t even bother trying to debate them. A similar tactic is used by those who would make us seem “crazy by association. Keep an eye out for individuals who don’t contribute to planning and organizing but regularly show up to demonstrations to distribute crazy leaflets, hold up defamatory signs, or generally act obnoxious and creepy. If they aren’t doing anything illegal, the most you can do is document their actions (take pictures of them and so on) and tell them to get lost.


The threat of actual violence or detention always hangs over anyone resisting fascism. State violence carries a lot of PR baggage, but experience shows that the federal government is willing to use it when confronted with direct action, however non-violent itself. We have had an American Reichstag Fire, and an American Night of Long Knives is not inconceivable, especially in the wake of another False Flag Terrorist Event. We know that mass detention centers are ready and waiting both in America and abroad. So while I DO NOT advocate violence of any sort, I do strongly encourage all activists to be ready to defend themselves by any means necessary. This also means being prepared to survive a catastrophic event that occurs near you. The level you take that to depends on personal preference.

Not all violence against activists originates with the state. Sometimes media-brainwashed citizens take it upon themselves to send death threats to activists or their families, or actually act on threats. Anything like this should immediately be reported to the local police, many of whom have an honest desire to protect and serve their communities. There can also be threats on job security, such as when institutions receive pressure to fire someone for their words and actions. Countervailing public pressure from truth activists can deflect this.

So let us always be wary of these four hindrances- Propaganda, Deception, Disruption, and Coercion, and be ready to deal with them appropriately whether they come from the 9/11 perps themselves or arise from our own ranks. But also let us not get overly bogged down in analysis. We’ve got to keep our eye on the prize and take positive action every day to educate and mobilize the public for the purpose of ending the Neo-Fascist Establishment’s tyranny for good.



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