The Doomsday Clock and 2012

David Flynn has posted original and ground-breaking research of ancient mysteries, “illuminated” fraternities, gnosticism, crop circles, UFOs, and Bible prophecy on his famous Watcher Website since 1993. His debuted his book “Cydonia, The Secret Chronicles of Mars” at Ancient of Days 2003, drawing the praise of extra-terrestrial archeologist Richard C. Hoagland and PhD theologian Michael S Heiser. His 2003 & 2004 lectures are the most requested of all Ancient of Days talks, as he continues to amaze researchers and audiences of all backgrounds



Archaeology has yet to find evidence that humans and war existed past 10, 000 years ago.

In the last 5600 years  some 14,600 wars have been recorded.

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The Genocide Wristband from Trendy Hope


What is Archaeoastronomy?
Archaeoastronomy is a synthesis of 2 words – archaeology and astronomy. It the study of ancient people and their observations, interpretations and achievements with regard to celestial objects and phenomena. This involves their astronomical practices, religious beliefs, science and world views. Revolving around the archaeological remains ancient people have left behind, archaeoastronomy is where archaeology and astronomy are combined together to further the study of the history of Man.

Why should we be interested in Archaeoastronomy?
Archaeology gives us insights into man’s history of interaction with the world around him. In many cultures the sky, being vast, permanent, awe-inspiring and untouchable, was a prominent feature of their lives. Archaeoastronomy shows us how different groups of people throughout history interacted differently with the cosmos. It not only opens up an aspect of our past; it also allows us to look at the development and formation of scientific and religious beliefs relating to the cosmos. For instance, the ability to construct and plan structures in line with astronomical observance is an indicator of the level of organization, engineering and observational ability of the people involved.